Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Lovin' Sale!

Hey Science Friends!
Just stopping by to let you know I am having a sale in my TeacherspayTeachers store this weekend! Summer is the perfect time to pick up some great deals and get everything ready before the back to school rush. Just take a look at the picture below so you can get crafty too! Maybe your weather reporter needs an outfit too!
And if you are looking for a little weather fun I have just posted my I Can Be A Scientist Observing and Recording The Weather Packet. It's a print and go resource that can be used all year long.
Table of Contents:
6 Colored Printable Weather Songs/Chants
38 Colored Printable Graphs For Tracking Monthly Weather-Different Graph Options’
8 Blackline Printable Notebook/Journal Cover Pages
21 Blackline Notebook/Journal Inserts For Recording Weather/Seasons
1 Blackline Printable My Weather Report
12 Blackline Monthly Weather Total Reports
2 Blackline Label The Scientist Printables
2 Colored Printables The Weather Report/The Weekend Weather Report
2 Blackline Printable Student Weather Readers- The Weather Is…/This is…
And if you are feeling real crafty you can get this ready to go before summer ends. All you need is a vest, hat and glasses for some great weather fun. Add a Sharpie and some words and you are good to go!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just LOVE Science!

Hey Science Friends,
Did you know that Google Reader was going away and soon? How in the world are you going to stay connected to your favorite blogs without skipping a beat?  This poses a problem for someone like me. I need to be in touch and at all times with my favorite inspirational blogs. To me, the connections that I have made over the years blogging have been so important to me as a teacher and what takes place in the classroom and especially during SCIENCE. And to make matters worse, I don't always like change even though change is sometimes what is needed. Funny thing is that I made the change and signed up for Bloglovin' and imported all of the blogs I currently follow and it was actually simple and quick and just painless. What I have discovered is that I actually like reading my favorite blogs through Bloglovin' much better. I like the look and organization of it all. So, now I am connected and ready for a new year with all my favorite teacher blogs all in one little place. So, what are you waiting for? Join Bloglovin' today and don't delay. Because you know you sure don't want to miss all the fun and freebies as we gear up for a new year!

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Up With The Weather?

Hey Science Friends,
I have been out and about watching the weather! And as I was running around I cam across a few cute things that I had to have for some weather watching fun this coming year. You know reporting the weather is always a lot more fun if you have a cute outfit to wear, right? I knew it! I found this Backyard Explorer vest at Dollar Tree right along with the hat and glasses and before you knew it a Weather Reporter outfit was born. Just a Sharpie and a few little embellishments and we are ready to go! It was super easy and didn't take long! Now we are ready for a year of observing, recording and describing the weather!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Switching Gears!

Hey Science Friends,
Like I said last time... One of the benefits of having more than one blog is that when one blog is busy you always have the other blog to go to and post. And since it is summer it is the perfect time to shake things up a little. I usually keep this blog straight Science but like I's summer so let's shake it up and get ready for a new year all the way around! So I am super excited about a few new things taking place in my room this coming year. I have revamped and rethought my Creation Station with the goal of full integration of Language Arts in mind. And I have really thought long and hard about those long forgotten Art Objectives. So I have created a few things to integrate into my Creation Station and I am pretty excited about it all. I can't wait for some real hands-on fun!
One of the first things on the list for me this summer was an activity for the first week of school as we were getting to know each other. And so I put together I Can Be An Artist~The ABC's of Me! Just perfect for Open House or Back to School Night. And you know I wanted this project easy for me to prepare as a teacher so it was created with that in mind.
And I have had such a wonderful response to all this artsy fun that it inspired me to create this as well. Just the right thing to add to any Creation Station for the beginning of the year! I'm on a roll and now I can't wait because this station is gonna be a hit! And we are going to be covering those standards like crazy! So if you are interested just click on the links for more information!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back To School Freebies!

Hey Science Friends,
Just had to change things up a bit. It's not Science but it sure is fun. One of the advantages of having more than one blog is the chance to blog in another place. So when one blog is busy and the other is not. you have yet another place to share and that is what it is all about. So I am stopping in here to share one of my favorite back to school freebies. I'm sure you know the drill. You get out those dice and have some real kind of kindergarten fun.
So it's been two fun years since I have been using a dice box in class. It works for us and I love it. You know the kids like picking which dice to use with each activity. I will confess...I have two dice boxes. I got them from Hobby Lobby with a coupon and it was cheap and well worth it. The same boxes are still in my classroom today. I have a great collection with lots of different kinds of dice so I needed a little storage system and digging through a can to reach the dice we want or need was not working when my collection grew. The boxes have helped a lot. So if you are out and about maybe find a dice box of your own and start a collection and then come back here and pick up your dice freebies pictured above. If you need a copy just click on the images above and have fun with those rolling and rambling dice!
Or get some of these cute little craft keepers from Dollar Tree and contain that type of fun! The storage container above has room to store these little containers and we just pop in what we need and get to work.
 And you know in order to be a great Scientist you also have to be great in Math!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Signs Freebie!

Hey Science Friends,
Just cleaning up the files and wanted to share this printable with you. You know it is that time again when we are just starting summer vacation but yet our minds keep thinking about school. It's hard not to think about what is ahead when you are knee deep in organization of all sorts. This is a print and go freebie that you can print and have on hand for parent night or maybe tuck inside the sleeve on the back of your teacher binder. Either way, it is yours! Click on the image above to take you to the download. Don't work too much, it's summer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Science Party!

Hey Science Friends,
Well, it's over for the year! We have learned a lot and had so much fun exploring and investigating this year. And in the end we had to have one last chance to put on our safety goggles and have a little fun. We decided we would kick off our end of science with a little bit of fun!
And just like a true scientist we discovered that we needed a little trial and error to get this one right because we were looking for a little more fun to our kick off than that. So we had to give it another try and this time change it a little bit.
And after all that excitement it was time to go inside and have a little party to kick off the end of a great year of learning in science. One of our favorite units in science this year has been learning about and investigating rocks, so I new we had to do something with rocks.
And we spent a little time getting out our old investigation boxes and exploring just one last time. We talked a lot about how science had been so much fun this year. And before it was said and done, we had to end with how it all began this year.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Editable Teacher Gift Ideas!

Hey Science Friends,
I know you have probably seen this here before but what you didn't see was what someone did with it! I first posted this last year when I was making a gift for a parent. And this year I came back and made it editable due to a large amount of requests for different versions. And now KFUNdamentals has added her own twist to this editable printable and I just love it so I had to share it here...

In box one she put the following...
Thank you for
in kindergarten
this year,
You made our class
a better place
all because
you were here!
In box one she put the following...
Thank you for
sharing Francesca,
she is such a dear,
And thank you for
supporting me
throughout this
busy year!
Such a great addition. For your free copy please click on the image above!


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