Friday, February 6, 2015


Hey Science Friends,
We are gearing up for some investigations with rocks. Everybody needs a rock, right? Well this year we are diving right in to rocks so close to Valentine's day and although these two seem like an unlikely pair, we have made a little connection.
As I was planning for my classroom rock investigations, I was surprised to discover a few new resources to spice this Science focus up a bit. As I was searching on the Internet I discovered this new to me book and it caught my eye. I am patiently waiting for this little gem to arrive.
Love You When...
When we discuss rocks we describe properties of rocks by-
I usually spend time on each property and allow a lot of time to observe and describe different rocks to help develop or foster sensory language. With young children this can be challenging at times. I have learned that this takes time and multiple exposures. Books help me keep this area of focus alive interesting and ongoing. I will use this book as we talk about shape but what I am really excited to try is using this book for shared writing. And considering Valentine's day is approaching, I think it will offer a good opportunity to reread the text and discuss the pattern in the book.
I love you when...the sun shines bright.
Not only does this book lend itself to shared writing, the pictures support a discussion on rock shape but this book could also be integrated into the area of art. Linda Kranz is a popular "rock artist" and her painted rocks are vividly and creatively displayed along with natural rocks and stones.
Another treasure I have unearthed is Heart Stones. This book is a great lead in to some wonderful outdoor investigations because...everybody needs a rock! The children will be surprised to learn that heart stones are not all that rare and can be found.
I wonder who will find the first heart stone?
With our hand lens in hand, I know we will be ready to investigate our playground rocks and search to find one or two.
Along my journey I also discovered See A Heart Share A Heart. What speaks to me about this book is the photographic journey of hearts in nature.
Can we find heart shapes in nature?
This would be the perfect book to read as you head outside again and explore the great outdoors. I know those budding scientist will be able to capture this experience in their notebooks.
These three books should add some spice to your rock discussion and investigations. I have to admit, I am excited to give them all a try.
For more information on I Can Be A Scientist Exploring Rocks, click on the image above to take you to my store.


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