Friday, June 14, 2013

Back To School Freebies!

Hey Science Friends,
Just had to change things up a bit. It's not Science but it sure is fun. One of the advantages of having more than one blog is the chance to blog in another place. So when one blog is busy and the other is not. you have yet another place to share and that is what it is all about. So I am stopping in here to share one of my favorite back to school freebies. I'm sure you know the drill. You get out those dice and have some real kind of kindergarten fun.
So it's been two fun years since I have been using a dice box in class. It works for us and I love it. You know the kids like picking which dice to use with each activity. I will confess...I have two dice boxes. I got them from Hobby Lobby with a coupon and it was cheap and well worth it. The same boxes are still in my classroom today. I have a great collection with lots of different kinds of dice so I needed a little storage system and digging through a can to reach the dice we want or need was not working when my collection grew. The boxes have helped a lot. So if you are out and about maybe find a dice box of your own and start a collection and then come back here and pick up your dice freebies pictured above. If you need a copy just click on the images above and have fun with those rolling and rambling dice!
Or get some of these cute little craft keepers from Dollar Tree and contain that type of fun! The storage container above has room to store these little containers and we just pop in what we need and get to work.
 And you know in order to be a great Scientist you also have to be great in Math!

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  1. Modern times when internet has so much facility of gossip and stuff, your articles have awfully refreshed me.



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