Monday, June 17, 2013

Switching Gears!

Hey Science Friends,
Like I said last time... One of the benefits of having more than one blog is that when one blog is busy you always have the other blog to go to and post. And since it is summer it is the perfect time to shake things up a little. I usually keep this blog straight Science but like I's summer so let's shake it up and get ready for a new year all the way around! So I am super excited about a few new things taking place in my room this coming year. I have revamped and rethought my Creation Station with the goal of full integration of Language Arts in mind. And I have really thought long and hard about those long forgotten Art Objectives. So I have created a few things to integrate into my Creation Station and I am pretty excited about it all. I can't wait for some real hands-on fun!
One of the first things on the list for me this summer was an activity for the first week of school as we were getting to know each other. And so I put together I Can Be An Artist~The ABC's of Me! Just perfect for Open House or Back to School Night. And you know I wanted this project easy for me to prepare as a teacher so it was created with that in mind.
And I have had such a wonderful response to all this artsy fun that it inspired me to create this as well. Just the right thing to add to any Creation Station for the beginning of the year! I'm on a roll and now I can't wait because this station is gonna be a hit! And we are going to be covering those standards like crazy! So if you are interested just click on the links for more information!

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  1. Love the watercolor activity. I just added it to my wishlist!! THanks for being so creative!




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