Monday, June 23, 2014

Now That's Using Your Brain!

Hey Science Friends,
You know I am crazy about good old Sid. And I was kind of a little bit excited to get a notification that Sid has a new release scheduled for today. If I don't already have all the DVD's I have to be getting pretty darn close to collecting them all. If you are a Science lover like me I am sure you have fallen in love with this series. You just can't beat these episodes.
But this time around I am excited that Sid is talking about the human body! This is a great one to pair with those health and even physical education objectives so you have to love that! This DVD includes episodes-

I Have Muscles Where?: Where do we have muscles?

Sid’s Amazing Lungs: What do our lungs do?

How Did My Dog Do That?: Do animals and humans have the same skeletons?

Now That’s Using Your Brain: What does the brain do?

And you know my favorite part is when Sid and his friends get out their Science Notebooks in the Super Fab Lab. I swear I want to be teacher Suzy! So really Science friends this is a no brainer! Order Now That's Using Your Brain today and start gearing up for a new year of Science!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Seasonal Timeline!

Hey Science Friends,
Like most teachers summer gives us a time to reflect on the past year and the opportunity to plan for a new year ahead. It is a good time to take what worked and make it even better or just scrap the bad and start over. One of the things that I liked in my classroom this year was my seasonal timeline. I started off the year with class pictures. It kept us on track with birthdays during the year. But what I didn't like was that some seasons were a little more crowded than others leaving less room to add pictures or information for that specific time of year. I am already thinking of ways to make it work and work better. I have to admit our favorite part of the timeline were the pictures but other important events happen in the year and room needs to be saved for those events. A timeline is a good place to post seasonal science observations like a tree changing throughout the seasons and those events that take place within each season. I think with a little adjustment our timeline just might make the cut and appear again this coming year! 


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