Friday, June 7, 2013

Science Party!

Hey Science Friends,
Well, it's over for the year! We have learned a lot and had so much fun exploring and investigating this year. And in the end we had to have one last chance to put on our safety goggles and have a little fun. We decided we would kick off our end of science with a little bit of fun!
And just like a true scientist we discovered that we needed a little trial and error to get this one right because we were looking for a little more fun to our kick off than that. So we had to give it another try and this time change it a little bit.
And after all that excitement it was time to go inside and have a little party to kick off the end of a great year of learning in science. One of our favorite units in science this year has been learning about and investigating rocks, so I new we had to do something with rocks.
And we spent a little time getting out our old investigation boxes and exploring just one last time. We talked a lot about how science had been so much fun this year. And before it was said and done, we had to end with how it all began this year.

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