Saturday, June 16, 2012

Critters In The Classroom!

Hello Science Friends,
I am so excited that I will be contributing to Critters in the Classroom this year. This was a blog I followed last year when I decided to introduce critters into my own classroom. As I am thinking about what critters will be coming into my classroom this year I am sure this will be a wonderful resource for me again. I hope you join me and the other wonderful teachers who share their classrooms with critters. If you click on the picture above it will take you to the blog and I really hope you follow the adventures of all the critters this year.

You would be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate critters into your own classroom. I think the most important part is first deciding what kind of critter would be best for you. I spent a lot of time thinking and planning this out last year before I introduced critters in my class. I decided that my critters had to be feather and fur free critters which was a challenge at first. This year I had crabs, fish, snails, frogs, worms and butterflies. We did release the worms and butterflies so they were only critters for a while in our class but we all enjoyed them when they were with us. For the entire year we had crabs, fish, snails and frogs. We all agreed that this was a very worthwhile experience to share our classroom with critters to observe and research. I hope you join me here and there as we talk about critters in the classroom. I would love to hear about your critters too!

When you hop over to Critters in the Classroom be sure to get your hands on the Ant Freebies by Erica Bohrer. I swear after looking at all the ant fun she had, I really wanted some ants too!



  1. Thanks for sharing! No, you really don't want those ants! Fun to watch but nasty little things.

  2. Great blog! Good to see primary teachers teaching great science!



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