Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let It Snow!

We are cooking up some kind of fun in the Science Lab this week. We have been busy making it snow inside the classroom and we have had more fun discovering the wonders of snow. 
I can't tell you how excited I was to get my SnoWonder and get it ready to take inside the lab. I was just like a child when my package arrived. As I was preparing my lesson plans I could not help but wonder myself if this was going to work and I had to give this a try!
To set this little investigation up all I needed was:
1 Plastic cup
1 Measuring cup
1 Plastic spoon
1 Small individual package of SnoWonder!
As I was just about to start the investigation I ran and got a plate...just in case!
 .I added the plate and then the water. The mixture changed right before my eyes.
Don't might miss it!

What I LOVE about SnoWonder is that it is:
Non Toxic
Long Lasting
Safe for young Scientists
Easy Clean Up!
Need I say more?
We made several batches of SnoWonder and watched it erupt right before our eyes! I wanted the children to see exactly how I set up the investigation because they will be doing this independently. As each batch was made, I was able to keep them captivated and narrow down proper material use, expectations and some vocabulary. The children were fascinated with this phase of the snow investigation and this is where the real science is hidden. We will learn more about this during Science this week. It looks like ice but does not feel like it. We wonder why it changed and how. But any good Science teacher knows sometimes before we teach the Science Concepts we just have to:
Please join us this week as we explore the wonders of snow with SnoWonder!
The tin and pail you see photo were added by me. I wanted to hide the snow inside something so the children could try and guess what was inside...and they did on the first guess!

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  1. I can't wait to use this in my future classroom!!
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