Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Applesauce Season!

I bet you are wondering just how our applesauce went? I have to tell you it was great.
We had fun peeling the apples!
We tasted all some apple peel and decided we liked it a lot!

WHEW! That was hard work!
We used our peels to make some measurement comparisons and a dash of a little math vocabulary.
We cooked the apples two hours with water, cinnamon and sugar. We decided to eat our applesauce warm because we did not want to wait for it to chill. It was the best applesauce ever. I think that might have something to do with the generous amount of cinnamon. We will be using our applesauce recipe for our apple pies later. After we prepared, cooked, observed, discussed our apples we did some notebooking.

So, what did we learn?
We learned that heat can cause change and heat changed the apples from hard and crunchy to soft and squishy. We observed, recorded and discussed how the applesauce changed by adding heat. We predicted what would happen if we removed the heat. We recorded our observations before and after our investigation in our notebooks. We had no recipe. We watched a Sid the Science Kid video and planned it out ourselves and we had a winner of a recipe.

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