Sunday, September 22, 2013

YoWindow App!

Hey Science Friends,
What is the weather like today? In my neighborhood we have had the most beautiful beginning of the fall season day. And because of this nice shift of weather it had me thinking about reporting the weather in Science class this week. But first I have to tell you about a nifty little science app called YoWindow! I was given this tip by a teacher friend who was searching on Apps Gone Free! It has been free for several days so you might have to act fast but if you miss it I swear this is a great app to use when reporting the weather and I would actually pay for it!
You get actual live weather for your area. This would be perfect for young scientists that are just starting out because you can focus on finding the icon and just reporting the weather in the beginning.
Later you can investigate weather at different locations.
And with just a click of a button you can preview the weather for the rest of the week and at different times of the day. With a little swipe of your finger you can see the sun set and objects in the night sky appear. It seems like a great app for your budding meteorologists. And a super easy way to squeeze a little technology into a daily weather watching routine.
Right now we are still learning our weather routine and learning how to record the information independently. As we learn and ease into this routine I model the recording of the weather and the children follow along and we focus on building a Science community and learning how to communicate like Scientists do. I am excited about taking this app into the classroom and using it with our weather reports!

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