Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Apple Life Cycle!

Hey Science Friends,
It is almost that time of year picking time. I wait and wait and wait for apple picking time. Fall is the perfect time of year to begin taking a closer look at life cycles in Science. This has always been a favorite of Kinder kids because there is so much to learn and so much to discover. If you purchased this unit last year you need to be sure that you have the updated version. The file went from 160 pages to over 200. You don't want to miss a thing because this can be used throughout the year when learning about different life cycles. Starting with the life cycle of the apple tree and moving on to sunflowers, frogs, chickens and butterflies this one will take you all the way through spring. And keep another eye out on this one because this one will be updated again before long! This download includes:
Life Cycles Included
-Apple Tree
4 Colored Printable Basic Needs Posters
4 Colored Printable Life Cycle Posters
4 Blackline Printable Life Cycle Pages
11 Blackline Printable Label It Life Cycle Pages
4 Blackline Printable Order The Life Cycle Pages
4 Colored Printable Teacher Big Books
12 Blackline Printable Student Readers
3 Alternate Versions For Each Life Cycle
3 Alternate Vocabulary Student Book Pages
8 Colored Printable Life Cycle Sequencing Cards
4 Colored Printable Life Cycle Model Making Mats
9 Blackline Printables For Notebook/Journal Making
Day By Day Lesson Plan Format Included!
Student Readers are perfect for non fiction independent reading!
Tons of Print and Go Science Fun!
Just added the Sunflower Science Craftivity
This video has a catchy tune while showing the parts of an apple tree and talking about the basic needs of a plant. A perfect video for apple picking time!
If you are reading about apples, in Science this is a good book to start with. The pictures are wonderful and the information is perfect for young budding Scientists. Get ready and get set, it's about to be apple picking time friends!

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