Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scientists Use Tools!

Hey Science Friends,
Always in the hunt for new Science books. I think I have found one more to add to my collection. I Use Science Tools just might be a perfect fit as we begin to learn what a Scientist does. And you know we are talking tools because we are going to be Scientists that use tools this year. I am so excited. I really am over the moon excited to begin Science this year. We have been in school for two weeks and have barely gotten started in Science. As class sizes begin to settle and things start falling into place, I just can't wait to kick it off. I am even looking forward to Science Safety! In the first few days of school I was able to clearly see that I have a class full on hands-on busy learners. And oh how I love that. I spent my summer reading, thinking, rethinking and recreating Science with young children. I am ready to go.
And because I knew this time of year I would be busy and we would be learning about safety and Science tools, I made some good old Ready To Go Science Fun~On The Run! Because you know once school starts, we are on the run with little time to make, create or search for what we need. But the best part is that I was able to find some wonderful real-life pictures to use with this presentation. I love that this is ready to go but what I love even more is that it is zero prep! Yes, zero just open, click and go presentation with real-world pictures and a culminating activity. But the presentation does offer some customization and you can add your own guided questions if you like or use the prompts already there. You can even use the presentation to create more rounds.

Paired with two of my favorite Science books this looks like it will be a great week! These books are just perfect when talking about Science tools. And better yet they are under five dollars each. If you are adding to your Science book collection, check these out on Amazon because you won't be sorry! Have a great week investigating friends!

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