Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hey Science Friends,
I know I have said it before. But the spirals are on sale again. This time around they are a penny. When this happens I always call ahead and talk to the manager and ask for a class set. I make sure that they will honor what they always have in the past and allow teachers to get a class set at the sale price. I have never been disappointed and they have always been very helpful. And I am super excited to see this sale this late in the year. I am stocking up because I know this year will be a big notebooking year for me and I am going to need two per child.
Go grab those spirals and then if you find that you need some super cute Science labels just click on the image above and grab that on sale too. You will be ready for notebooking in no time.
What about some super fun weather observations this year? Weather observations can be fun and can be easily integrated into your daily Science Block in a breeze. And it could give you an excuse to make this!
All materials can be found at Dollar Tree! All you have to do is add a little Sharpie and ribbon and your weather reporter will be in style!
And if you need a place to start science I Can Be A Super Scientist just could be your answer! Either way, get out there and get those last minute sales and don't forget your spirals because more notebooking is coming soon!
Happy Days Science Friends!

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