Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey Science Friends,
If you have been following along you know we are talking a lot about Science Notebooking. And maybe your head is spinning with ideas. You probably need a break by now. So you are all excited about notebooking this year and I don't blame you but what about stretching it a little bit and setting up a small corner of your room and creating a Science Center? It doesn't have to be big. Maybe just a place to hold your materials and display a few things. Not every single child has to fit in the center or any at all...maybe just your Science Tools? Because when you think about it...Science happens everywhere, not just in one little corner of the world! And when you think of it like that the entire idea just seems to feel a whole lot better. You have it in always had it in you. You can be the Science teacher that you always wanted to be. Just small steps towards a bigger's no big deal. A good plan, a couple of investigation posters, some notebooks and some tools and nobody is going to know that you didn't have some master plan...unless you tell them. Just keep your poker face on and smile like you have had this plan for weeks!
If you recently purchased or previously purchased these posters from TpT please be sure to download again because they have had a severe facelift and now you get both versions and both white versions as well. These are great for adding a little color and reference to your little Science corner of the world. It's simple..print, laminate and go!
And they now coordinate with these labels. Ahhh, coordination it just makes you look like you had a well mastered plan all along. And with large, medium and small labels for notebooks, journals, folders or binders it is really starting to look like a plan in a few little clicks. So, if you purchased this pack from TpT recently, you need to get the updated and expanded version so everything all goes together just like it was meant to be.

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