Monday, September 26, 2011

Science Teacher Resources

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me but in honor of Science Week and celebrating books that help teachers teach Science, in a developmentally appropriate way, I have to mention my favorite Science Supplements from The Lawrence Hall of Science.  I have used almost every book available for Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten age children. The books that are marked "peaches" are by far my favorite because they are the most developmentally appropriate books for this age group. My two personal favorites from LHS are:
GEMS Tree Homes 
GEMS Penguins and Their Young 

These books usually run under $25.00 each and are the perfect addition to any unit you already teach. Each of the books is presented in a thematic approach and math and science are integrated in a very meaningful way for young children. If you are uncomfortable about teaching science and need to know what that "looks" like in an early childhood classroom these books are a great way to experience an entire thematic unit while focusing on science. Each book is developed and field tested before released so you never have to worry if it will actually work in your own classroom. I have never once been disappointed in this series. If I lived near LHS I would apply to work there... no kidding. Additionally, these books would work very well as a homeschool resource. If you follow this blog you will see GEMS Tree Homes postings in the month of October! Once you see the pictures, I swear you will be hooked. 

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