Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Mr. Crabs!

Meet Mr. Crabs. He looked like this just yesterday. Last night he had a pretty exciting night in his new crab shack because when I went to get him to take to school this morning he was actually in a smaller shell. He had  his first introduction to my class today. I really can't describe the excitement. Considering he had quite the car ride with me this morning, he was wide awake once we got to school. I was able to introduce him to the class on my document camera so everyone could see. I was able to show the children how to set up a habitat safe for a hermit crab. 
I got this extra kit along with their aquarium habitat because we will be taking the crabs home for house visits. Additionally, I needed a safe place for crab baths. Yep, you read that one right. So, do I have you thinking about pets in the classroom? Not all pets have to have fur or feathers to provide enjoyment, excitement or observation opportunities. 

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