Saturday, December 7, 2013

Magnet Mania!

Hey Science Friends,
Let's just say we have had fun with magnets and our unit on Force and Motion. I guess by the looks of it we had just tons of fun and little time to put things away...properly! And before I got upset I realized that at least we were investigating and learning along the way.
We have investigated here and there but it was tons of fun on the playground just as we had expected. This year the children had a lot of prior knowledge about things that are magnetic so predictions were fun for this investigation. So we headed outside for some real field investigations and we were on the hunt for things that nobody had predicted.
We were all able to participate at the same time because we all had Magnet Investigation Tools that I made last year. With a lot of use these have been the best tools for Kindergarten Scientists. I love these because we all can participate at the same time and they are affordable to make. I got my supplies at WalMart and glued them with hot glue in no time at all.
We were up, under and all around.
Investigating with magnets on the playground!
And we finally found a lunchbox that was magnetic because someone left it behind...
Being a Scientist is way too much fun! This sure brought a smile to her face on a rainy day... After all of the lessons have been taught we leave the materials out so that independent investigations can take place.
Because sometimes we need or want to test our own predictions again and again. And then with a little time...
As she set up her own independent investigation she discovered that some magnets are stronger than others and that they can move objects even if the magnet is under the table. And wouldn't you know that everyone thought that was amazing! And then we all wanted to set up our own investigations too!
And before all the excitement was over our Investigation Box was all put back into place. There it is all tidy and cleaned up by five year olds who always knew how to do it! At least it is organized...until next time!

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  1. I love this idea for teaching magnets in elementary school! Kids love magnets and this looks like it will really foster inquiry and exploration. I am going to make some of those popsicle sticks with magnets on the end - what a great idea! I love this blog and all of the ideas you post; thanks!



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