Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Little Help!

Hey Science Friends,
You know first thing is first... Before you can be the awesome Science teacher you have to have some routines in place. And when you have some of those things out of the way you can get down to some serious science business. We all know that it is the little things that can really make a successful year. I have always wanted to redo my Classroom Helpers but I have never really got around to it. This summer has been a whirlwind of to-do's and when I saw the graphics with a weather reporter I just had to update my file. I swear I could not resist. I think I am still excited over it. The good news is that this file is print and go and I mean it in every since of the word. You can have a little helper system up and running in a flash.
This download includes premade pocket chart headers for:
Super Sweeper
Class Librarian
Mail Carrier
Pencil Sharpener
Class Recycler
Computer Helper
Door Holder
Plant Helper
Line Leader
Pet Helper
Teacher Helper
Calendar Helper
Flag Helper
Light Helper
Snack Helper
Table Helper
Weather Reporter
Or...Create your own! Yes, I said you could create your own catchy job titles and still use the same format because the second part of this file is editable. It is pretty simple just edit, print and go! The graphics stay the same but maybe you call your teacher helper a material manager. It's ok, no problem just change it in the editable field to have a custom set of your own! No worries and no fears. You get what you can create. I love that. If you want a technology wiz instead of a computer helper then go for it. The colored graphics are not editable but the text is.
All you have left is to do is get some clothespins to ditty up and add names to so you can show who is the proud helper of the day. And once everyone knows what to do you can get on to being the awesome science teacher that you always were! If you need more info just click on the image above!

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