Saturday, July 14, 2012

Deal Or No Deal?

Hey Science Friends,
Let's talk about notebooking. Over the past several years I have really enjoyed notebooking in Kindergarten. This time of year I am always wondering what kind of notebook I am going to try for the coming year. I have tried making  cute thematic notebooks for each child for each different topic for Science. I will admit, I started thinking there has to be a better way. I have used spirals and I have used composition books. I have even just stapled paper together. I think out of everything I have tried I liked the spirals the most because I did not have to make anything, they lasted a year and it was the option that gave the most room for recording for children.

composition book

Last year I was able to get composition books for an extreme deal. I realize things have changed and I won't be able to get class sets of extreme deals like I did last year. I was able to get these composition books for 10 cents each. This was not my first choice for notebooking but with a jazzy label and some ribbon and I have to tell you they were cute. My class loved their Science Notebooks. I loved having something already made and prepared to take to school and the fact that we used it all year. But what I didn't like was the size. For the first time I noticed some very interesting writing that spanned the entire page or pages because of the lack of space. I struggled with this for a year. So now I am thinking of the coming year...

Spiral Notebooks
Several people have asked me if I thought the 17 cent spirals were a good deal at WalMart. People want to know if it is the best deal around. It made me think of last summer. I was able to get an extreme deal of spirals for 10 cents each. I was able to get a class set of 25. But I also had to fight the crowds, check out multiple times, beg for enough of the right color and make sure I had another five dollar additional purchase in order to get the deal. Granted, the five dollars I spent in additional merchandise I put to good use. I was happy to do it to get 10 cent spirals for Math Notebooks. Which brings me back around to the 17 cent spirals at WalMart. I can go in and get the colors that I want and there is no limit. So I could get writing, take home, science and math notebooks in one stop, in the colors I want, no reward card, no special permissions from the manager, no additional purchase and with no hassle.

So last year I paid 10 cents each for 25 spirals plus an additional $5.00. My spirals cost me $7.50 each set. If I decide to get mine this year at WalMart I am going to pay 17 cents for how ever many spirals I want. Let's say I pay 17 cents for 25 spirals and I have no additional items I am required to purchase. My spirals cost me $4.02. Let's compare each set... at 17 cents it is $4.02 for 25 and at 10 cents it is $2.50 which is a difference of $1.52. Kind of makes me wonder if the extreme deals were even worth it with all the hoops you had to go through to get it. And I had to remind myself that I have not seen a spiral advertised yet for 10 cents and there is no guarantee that this type of deal will even exist. So, it is something to think about. Is a 17 cent spiral a deal or no deal?



  1. I would say the 17 cent spirals are worth it - just to save on the hassle! I made the same decision about crayons yesterday. publix has them for 33 cents a box, had plenty in stock - so I got a class set even though there may be lower prices later. Laminating - School Box store had it 50% off, still more expensive than doing it myself but they ran it all and did it SO nice and even so cutting was a breeze. Some times the convenience is worth a couple more bucks. :)
    Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts

  2. I am doing things differently this year too. I am buying early to avoid the crowds and get the best selection. I think 17 cents is a great deal. Walmart also has the 10 cent glue sticks and 3-ring binders with the EZ view cover for $2.48. Sale starts tomorrow and I will be there bright and early. I'm not waiting and waiting to see if something better comes along. It always backfires on me!!

  3. Gives me something to really think about! It reminds me of the people that drive 2 miles out of the way to fill up with gas that's 2 or 3 cents cheaper...the savings are less than .50cents! It's smart to look at the totals and decide if it's really worth the extra effort. Thanks for linking up- don't forget to grab the button! :)

    The Learning Tree

  4. My vote is yes, its worth it. I love getting what I want without picking through 100 different boxes:)

    I am your newest follower:)
    The Resourceful Apple

  5. I've even bought spirals at Walmart for $.10. Part of the fun, is the hunt for the best prices!



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