Sunday, April 29, 2012


Whew! It has been super busy with lots of things going on. Last week our order of Painted Lady Butterflies arrived and they are busy just eating away. I have a strange suspicion that when we arrive on Monday they will be in cocoons. As as much as I try I can't turn on the computer or get on Pinterest without seeing Ladybugs everywhere. I swear I am trying not to look. I swear I am trying to resist. I swear I am about to die...without ladybugs. Right now we have crabs, a frog, a fish, worms and butterflies. Do we need ladybugs? YES! When I was not looking for ladybug stuff just look at what I have found.

Watching this video reminds me of my college insect collection and running through fields for bugs. And I swear I am trying to resist getting those ladybugs right now. Until I found this video.

Seriously? I mean seriously, am I about to die to get some ladybugs! And when I think of ladybugs, I think of the best resource for teaching Ladybug Science to any Budding Scientist.

To order your own copy just click on the image above.

Click on the image above for some freebies from Homeschoolshare!

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  1. I have a part-part-total (or addition) math project that have my students do with both ladybugs and turtles. You make one circle as the body/base. Then you cut another circle in half to go over this one (the outer wings). Use a brad to secure the wings to the body. The students can either draw black spots on each wing, or hole punched circles. Then the total is wrtten inside, or on the body under the wings. I know your blog focuses on science, but since you are working with ladybugs, I thought you might like a cross-curricular activity to go with it. I hope you like the idea :)
    Lisa L.



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