Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going With The Flow!

We had a generous donation of grapes with seeds last week. The kids were excited to have something different for snack. We talked about these grapes because we had tons and tons of them. I told the kids they had seeds in them. One of the children remembered that we had seen something on Sid the Science Kid earlier in the year with frozen fruit. We went to our Science Notebooks and found the entry and talked about it. We decided to freeze our grapes and use our prior knowledge to discuss how to get our grapes out. We had a great discussion and problem solving session. Additionally, this gave us a great chance to review relative temperature.

Once we were able to get our grapes out of the frozen water, we had to cut our grapes into two equal parts and pull out the seeds of each one. We practiced making two equal parts with plastic knives and then we finally got to eat our snack. The children had tons of questions about the seeds. Some children wanted to save some of the seeds in their notebooks and many of the children washed them, wrapped them and took them home. The next morning a few children had already planted their seeds!

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