Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Science Book Picks!

Hello Science Friends,
We are still having some penguin fun in the lab and we will post those pictures soon! I wanted to post the book picks for Earth materials because for many of us this unit is coming up and for so many teachers resources in this area of Science is very limited. I saw the book Dirt: The Scoop on Soil earlier this year and ordered it so I could decide if it was a good fit for our objectives and age appropriate. I got the book and really liked it. I think it is a good match for learning about Earth materials and I like the way it shows some simple investigations. I like how it addresses the Science of soil in an appropriate format that even young children can understand. Because I think the soil book is such a good fit for our needs, I have decided to order the rock and water book too. If you have read these books drop me a line and tell me what you think!


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  1. I own all the books in this series and they are FANtastic! I get so excited when I find books written at a level my kids can understand! It helps that the pictures are great too. They get two thumbs up from me, your kids will love them!



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