Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shake It Up! Freebie

Hey Science Friends,
Let's get ready to shake those bones with a little Halloween inspired freebie! Even though Halloween is just around the corner it does not mean that we throw all sense and sensibility out the window and forget the standards! Heck no, we keep moving on and just shake it up a little! Who in the world said we can't have some holiday spirit and learn along the way? 
With these simple resources you can have a little fun and cover some health too! As I was searching my files I found my healthy bones printable and it inspired me to look for some new books to help with the discussion we will have in class. I was super excited to see Me And My Amazing Body! Considering I love Me On The Map I knew I had to have this new to me book. Just a perfect addition to add to my collection!
And who can forget these old bone shaking classics? You know we have to dust these off and read them a time or two.
So come on friends and have a little fun and shake them bones! Just click on the image to get your freebie!
 If I can do it, I sure know you can!

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