Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Going Buggy!

Hey Science Friends,
I am up to my ears in insects...literally! At school we were moving right along taking a close look at insects during our indoor recess week due to testing. We all had a great time with these investigations and we were able to use some Science tools too! We just couldn't resist another chance to use our safety goggles and check out our new hand lenses.
We spent a lot of time reading about different insects and we loved all the Pebble Plus Books. What we liked were the pictures and the age appropriate text in the books. This series is perfect for young budding scientists. There is just enough information in these books to keep the children interested. During our Writer's Workshop, some children wanted to write some investigative reports about insects. Our books were used as word sources to help us spell some unfamiliar words and the pictures helped us with the illustrations for this writing. I was amazed at how quick the children have become with this type of writing since we learned all of the writing steps, all the way through publishing during our frog research. In one session two thirds of the class had a published piece of work. As I watched them work on their writing I could see just how independent they have become. And as a result of all of this excitement over writing you can just imagine that they are all excited about sharing their work.  
At home we have been fighting with some serious bees... They just won't go away. I keep hoping to be able to collect some bees to take into class and show the kids. Believe this...bees are protected in our state so there is not a product on the market to actually kill bees...wonderful! Instead of killing bees you have to call your Beekeepers Association to remove bees. In the meantime, we are just living with a whole lot of bees... At times it kind of feels like a duck and cover situation getting from the car and into the house. As you can imagine it has made for some interesting stories for my writing demonstrations!
Bee Happy Science Friends!

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