Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is Here!

Hey Science Friends,
I think spring has sprung around my neck of the woods! I am so excited to finally see the end of winter. I love all things spring. And as I was doing some spring cleaning I thought of Life Cycles. Kids naturally have questions about Life Cycles. You can't avoid it especially when they see it in nature. I am fortunate to have a school garden right next to the playground. We do see the stages of a caterpillar right before our eyes in nature. We have also been known to find lots of other interesting creatures in the playground too. And since I was thinking about Life Cycles and spring it got me a little creative and led me to to create I Can Be A Scientist Exploring Life Cycles. All the things you will need for the Life Cycle of the Apple Tree, Frog, Chicken and Butterfly. But if you know me personally, I guess you are wondering if I am straying from my state way! I am using this unit as non fiction readers with some vocabulary development and some integration for the reading of some visuals which is covered in our Language Arts and Social Studies. You see, sometimes you have to just HIDE the Science... So in my neck of the woods what Life Cycles do we actually get to teach? Plants, good old plants. I love plants but it is hard to compete with a frog, butterfly and a chicken! So, plants will be it's own Science Unit! All in all, both are perfect for spring and some great outdoor investigations! If you are interested in the Life Cycles mentioned above this is what is included:
Life Cycles Included
-Apple Tree
4 Colored Printable Basic Needs Posters
4 Colored Printable Life Cycle Posters
4 Blackline Printable Life Cycle Pages
11 Blackline Printable Label It Life Cycle Pages
4 Blackline Printable Order The Life Cycle Pages
4 Colored Printable Teacher Big Books
12 Blackline Printable Student Readers
3 Alternate Versions For Each Life Cycle
3 Alternate Vocabulary Student Book Pages
8 Colored Printable Life Cycle Sequencing Cards
4 Colored Printable Life Cycle Model Making Mats
9 Blackline Printables For Notebook/Journal Making
Day By Day Lesson Plan Format Included!
Student Readers are perfect for non fiction independent reading!
Tons of Print and Go Science Fun!



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