Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exploring The Science of Santa's Favorite Season!

Happy Days Science Friends,
Don't you just love this time of year? Sometimes it is hard to concentrate with all of the holiday buzz going on but we have found a way to keep the fun and learning moving right along. And we sure have had some fun! This week we were busy learning the Science of Santa's Favorite Season! We were able to get our hands on a small little live Christmas tree that provided us with some great hands-on exploration and investigation which lead to some great notebooking as we learned about plant parts.
We even had some fun reviewing Path of Motion Vocabulary with some integrated art. I was so proud that every single child remembered every single path of motion term and movement even before we did this activity. I guess we learned a lot and it stuck with us from our I Can Be a Scientist Exploring Force and Motion Unit!
Marbles have been a staple for us in science this year. I think we have used them for just about everything and then some... After exploring toys I think WE might be the toy experts instead of Santa. We can describe them, investigate them, discuss how they move and more! Santa really has nothing on my Science Friends!
I was told we HAD to teach Science this time of year BUT you didn't tell us it couldn't be a whole lot of fun!
Table of Contents: 12 Different Holiday Themed Hands-On Independent Investigations with Recording Pages/2 Conceptual Big Books/3 Conceptual Emergent Readers and so much more! Options for building your own unique journals/notebooks to fit your classroom needs!

3 Holiday Themed Basic Needs Colored Posters
Classroom Pictures and Instructions
4 Page Living and Non Living Sorting Cards (print on colored cardstock)
We All Have Wants and Needs Sorting Page
We All Have Wants and Needs Sorting Cards
Describing Properties of An Object Teaching Poster Holiday Themed
Describing Properties of a Christmas Tree Recording Page
Describing Properties of a Poinsettia Recording Page
4 Parts of Animal/Plant Holiday Themed Teaching Poster Colored
5 Blackline Printables Label It! 2 Santa, Rudolph, Christmas Tree & Poinsettia
1 Colored Are You Ready Santa? Conceptual (Ordinals) Teacher Big Book
1 Blackline printable Are You Ready Santa? Student Books
1 Blackline printable 10 Little Presents Student Books
1 Balckline Light Graph/Survey
1 Blackline Printable Let There Be Light! Sorting Cards
1 Blackline Printable Let There Be Light! Sorting Mat
1 Blackline Printable We Have Lights! Student Book
2 Blackline Printable Notebook/Journal Covers
7 Blackline Printable Toy Investigation Recording Pages/Notebook Insert
3 Blackline Printable Magnet Investigation Recording Pages/Notebook Insert
3 Blackline Printable Toys In Motion Investigation Recording Pages/Notebook Insert
Classroom Pictures and Instructions For Path of Motion Painted Christmas Trees
1 Blackline Printable Which Toy Do You Like Best?
1 Blackline Printable Santa’s Hot Chocolate Report
1 Blackline Printable Santa’s Candy Cane Report
1 Colored Conceptual Teacher Big Book Santa Can Go! Path of Motion Vocabulary
1 Colored Conceptual Teacher Big Book Where Is Santa? Positional Vocabulary
1 Conceptual Teacher Big Book Where Is The Gingerbread Man? Positional Vocabulary
2 BONUS Blackline Printable Santa’s Ten Frame Fun Pages


  1. However, teachers are so innovative and have turned this student-loved craft into a curriculum tool.

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  2. Hi! Is there still a way to download this unit? I would LOVE to use this with my first graders, but can't seem to find it in your TPT store!



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