Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Field Investigations!

Hey Science Friends,
At my school we are so lucky to be a part of Real School Gardens. We were able to participate in a visit from Real School Gardens this week. As part of our Science Objectives for our state we are required to have field investigations for a large majority of our Science time. Having a school garden really helps to make those investigations meaningful and interesting.
This visit came at the perfect time for my class. We have talked so much about investigating with My Five Senses. We were able to discuss Properties of Matter and use some wonderful sensory language as we worked our way through the garden. We were all amazed at how many different textures we were able to feel. And you know we had to touch everything...
So, off we went investigating...
We even stopped for a minute to listen...
We were able to observe quite a few butterflies around the butterfly bushes. They stayed around us for a while and we were able to watch them and see them up close.
 We were able to see bees working in the bushes too!
 We found some interesting textures and used some great sensory language to describe what we could feel.
 We discovered living things.
And non living things.
And even some living things living in non living things, oh my!
And we finally learned what these are... This is where the earthworms will come up for air the next time it rains. And we are sure going to be looking for that!
 We collected some interesting things. And wondered what some of them were.
Some collections were small.
And some were strange.
And on our last trip around the garden we started to notice something...
So we had to talk about it and problem solve.
 We made a plan and put our plan into action!
And we learned that we can solve problems...even big problems.
And then we were play!

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