Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Sticky Situation!

Glue, as a teacher you just can't live without it! I was never so excited when last year a local office supply store was having a glue sale. I woke up early and was ready to go and get my glue for the entire year. I thought one little shopping trip and I was done for an entire year of creative fun. I know I looked crazy as I threw glue into my shopping cart...limit 25. I won't lie, I went back several times. I thought it was worth it. I could have paid a quarter at any other store. I bought glue, blogged about glue sales and had a pretty hefty text chain going for this glue sale. You probably wonder why I am even thinking about glue now.
First, let me say that I never ever in 11 years had problems with glue in Kindergarten. It was always so simple. All I ever had to do was talk about proper glue use and we were off! Ok, I need to admit, last summer when I saw teacher blogging about "glue lessons" I kind of laughed. Enter year 12 and it seems I am having a glue disaster and it never stops. I mean the disaster never stops but the glue sure does. I have cleaned up piles and piles of glue. I have wiped it and smeared it and scraped piles of glue off of every single surface. Well, except for the carpet because I was so upset I had to just...walk away. I finally asked the kids why are they always taking off the tops of the glue. Those little problem solvers told me none of the glue ever comes out...ever. As the year progressed, I was popping off the tops of the glue too! We have poked, pried, picked and popped those glue tops and nothing. I really mean nothing. I finally decided the most amazing craft tool was just overrated. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Look what I have found.

Glue Top Tutorial!

Hmm, a glue bottle tutorial for people just like me. I love it. I'll try it. I will even blog about it. In the next few weeks school will soon end. Believe it or not but I have often thought of what I was going to do with those half empty glue bottles. I really wanted to slam dunk them into the trash and never ever look back. Until I saw this...



Now suddenly glue seems like fun all over again. So, instead of throwing those half empty bottles of glue in the trash what about this.

Rainbow glue!

Now if all this glue talk has your head spinning you might want to try making a Mind Jar. Click on the image up top and have some glue fun!

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  1. Glue and pencils can be a teacher's friend or worst nightmare.
    We only get glue sticks which in some cases in not any better.



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