Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Five Senses!

Gearing up to investigate with the sense of smell. I had a lot of fun putting together scent jars and trying new things out this year. I really wanted to make a scent investigation the children could manage on their own. I was trying to get different scents this year so I tried a few different things like Kool Aid, Jello and savory spices. After some investigation and testing this out on the kids, we have found that we like the spices, the extracts, candle wax, oils and regular food items. We have learned that the Kool Aid and Jello need to be mixed with a little water and if you do not have the right container they leak. The scent was also not as strong either. If you use the extracts, you will need a cotton ball inside the jar to hold the scent. These small containers will be put in investigation boxes for the children to set up their own investigation and notebook about later in the week. 

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  1. I love the idea, I also love your blog. I will be passing your adress on to other teachers. I have two kids who do the Sarasota, Fl. Virtual K-12 program, and I am mom, and learning coach, I also have a child who has special need, Autism, & ADD. She can't smell, and the doctor's can't figure out why. I purchased similar little boxes like these at the Dollar tree in my area and found the lids come off easy, did you have any issues with yours? I can put a few together then rubber band them, that works.



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