Friday, September 9, 2016

My Five Senses Reports!

Welcome Science Friends,
We have had a great week learning about our senses as tools for investigation. I think that our Science Notebooks just might be our favorite tools in science so far. Once the labels were put on our notebooks and safety contracts were signed and glued inside, I think we all felt like official scientists just ready for our first hands-on investigation.
We were looking forward to the end of the week because we knew that on Friday we would be investigating bubblegum, Not only were we going to be able to practice safe investigations but we were able to use all of our senses to investigate bubblegum.
I was surprised at how well everyone listened as I walked through the process of recording our findings for the first time. I thought it might be a struggle considering everyone knew we were going to really investigate bubblegum with all of our senses. To my surprise, the children were listening and answering questions as I went through it step by step. We recorded what our bubblegum looked like, smelled like, tasted like, felt like and sounded like. We learned how scientists "waft" a scent safely and came up with some pretty good descriptions of what our bubblegum smelled like. And we were not sure if our bubblegum would actually taste like what we thought.
I did have to help with the recordings and thought everyone did a great job for the first time out and for so early in the year. As we ended the day the children were excited and pretty quiet with gum in their mouth! We are all looking forward to more investigations in the coming weeks.


  1. What a great way to introduce the scientific investigation process. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. It is a great idea. I like your “Five Senses Report”. I am sure kids enjoyed this class. Currently we are in need of winning practice tests for 2nd grade students. I like this online test at and might use this. Hope kids will enjoy online test.

  3. I absolutely love how you introduce students to the scientific investigation process! You bring the content down to their level and engage them from the start of the lesson. I really like that you incorporate science notebooks and have students sign a safety contract too! You truly know how to get students engaged and interested in science. I am sure they absolutely loved the bubble gum! Very nice lesson idea and thank you for sharing! :)

  4. The Five Senses model is a fantastic way to motivate children to learn about science while engaging their wonderful ability to be curious about the world around them! I am also a BIG believer in the value of interactive notebooks and how they can be used as an investigation tool to support scientific study.

    To make your lessons even more exciting, perhaps the kindergarteners could dress up as scientists and experiment with the tools provided in their own “Lookit!” kit. Among the wonderful inquiry-stimulating instruments found in the “Lookit!” kit are the following: a tape measure, thermometer, magnifying glass, whistle, and, of course, the handy pouch for storing interesting discoveries!

    If you are interested, the “Lookit!” kits can be obtained from the Jeffers Foundation using the following website:

    Thanks! :-)

  5. I love your ideas of incorporating science into the students' lives while making it fun and memorable for them. I love the bubble gum lesson to introduce and have students explore their five senses! I feel that any student at the elementary level would love doing this. Another add on could be having their senses to identify an object. May they close their eyes and use their sense of smell to identify an orange or listening to someone bite into a chip to identify that it is a chip. It also would be fun to have students use their sense of taste to identify food items. There are so many ways to go with this to extend a lesson or create a whole new lesson in itself. Thanks for sharing this!

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