Friday, November 9, 2012

Magnet Mania!

Hey Science Friends,
We have been busy and have been finishing up fun with Force and Motion. We have discovered a lot of things with magnets over the last couple of weeks. We have had some kind of fun with our magnet box and we are turning out to be some keen investigators. But just as our unit winds down it seems the exciting part comes last... Now we get to use the materials totally independently and set up our own investigations. And we are looking forward to some investigations at home with our new investigation tools.
Throughout our investigations we have discovered a few books that we used in the unit.
This was a great book to use for predictions about what is magnetic. The text is simple just pictures and the words yes and no. It is a perfect addition to a Kinder Science Center.
This book has some great information but needs a little modification for Kinder.
And we liked this one which required just a little modification.
Hands-on Science is just so much fun!
As you can imagine the magnet box is quite popular and who could blame anyone for wanting to explore what is inside? And we have gotten pretty good at predictions!

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