Sunday, May 27, 2012

DIY Tinted Safety Goggles!

Hey Science Friends,
So super excited to share this with you today. Let's talk a little Science Safety fun with a little bit of organization. I have a fun Science DIY project for you. Let's say that you are going to be getting some Science Safety Goggles next year so that your budding little Scientists can be safe when the explore and investigate. And now you have 25 or so clear safety goggles and maybe you have to share those with other classes. And you know that if each child does not have their own safety glasses, you will need to share those and disinfect those glasses for the next little scientist. I have the answer for you. Tinted Science Safety Glasses are the answer. These are great for color coding Science Teams! So let's get started...

Step 1
Grab all of your safety glasses and remove the straps if they can be removed.

Step 2
Gather your supplies.
You will need:
Paper Towels
Clorox for cleaning up if needed!

After trying several colors, I liked the lighter and brighter colors better. The neat thing is that you have so many choices.

Step 3
Add enough water to cover your goggles. Add a tablespoon of salt.

 Step 4
Cook your goggles on medium heat for 20 minutes or more. Once the desired color is achieved, rinse the goggles and allow to dry.

So now that you have some great tinted Science Safety Goggles that you can use to group your Science Teams. And now you are probably wondering how to disinfect them after each use.

Clorox wipes would be the best answer for young budding Scientists to take care of this themselves independently!

If you need a Science Safety Contract, you can grab it here for free just click on the image above.

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  1. Just found your site! I love science too! Check out our science word wall in the kindergarten classroom pictures of our blog! We are your newest follower. :) (and bookmarked on my browser too). Primary Possibilities,

  2. Too cute for color coding groups! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  3. Nice tutorial Mrs. C! Will try this out later :). Hopefully it comes out great for me.

  4. Hello Little Ms. Hypothesis!
    I am a new teacher to kinder and just found your site!! =) LOVE the goggles and the tinting!! Where do I purchase inexpensive goggles? I just googled them and they're so expensive! Great website!

  5. Little Miss Hypothesis,
    Your website is absolutely great! I am in the process of earning my degree to be an elementary teacher, and would love to someday teach kindergarten! You have great lesson ideas, activities, and projects. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make your own tinted safety goggles!

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  7. The last little while, my son has gotten into doing science experiments. He loves it, and I think it's good for him. He has been wearing a pair of his dad's shop safety glasses, but I think that it would be fun for him to have his own. I might have to give this a try, I think he would love to help me make his own pair!

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