Saturday, October 1, 2016

Describing Properties

Hey Science Friends,
We have been busy working on describing properties of objects. We have been learning to describe objects by shape, size, mass, texture and color. We spent several sessions learning how to do this investigation independently. Our goal is to be able to observe, describe and record properties of objects. In the beginning of our investigations we observed and described objects by just one property. We would pick an object, pass it around and describe it by that property.
Books by Tana Hoban helped us understand how to describe an object by one specific property.
The books are filled with pictures that help young children understand the concept. These are great books to elicit a lot of communication and discussion.
We previously had picked a classroom object to use as an object of comparison when talking about mass.
Going on object hunts for our independent investigations was fun because it got us up and moving around before we sat down to independently investigate.
No surprise that Pete ended up as an object to investigate! If you would like a copy of our recording page click HERE! Have fun investigating science friends.

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