Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snow Clips!

Hey Science Friends,
I can't stop thinking about snow even though it is more like spring here today. No worries, the weather in Texas can change pretty quick so there is no need to put our coats away just yet. My class has been carefully looking at the weather reports trying to figure out if we will have recess each day. And we were beginning to question if we would even see the sun. Oh, the stories we could wtite about missing the sun shine on our faces. Sometimes we can't decide if we want to see the snow or sun but what we do know is that we want the gray skies to clear! I figures that I needed to gather a few snowy things in case we have a cold front move in and we are stuck indoors just dreaming of...snow! Because if we get it by golly we are going to celebrate! So, this is my snowy video post so that I can be ready when the cold wind blows!
Here we go...let it snow!

For a little Number Talking snow fun click on the image above!

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