Thursday, January 15, 2015

All You Need For A Snowman!

Hey Science Friends,
Over here we have been talking about the weather. And we were wishing for snow and checking the forecast and hoping for a little miracle and when it didn't happen we had to create a little snow fun on our own. All this snow talk really had us wanting to make a snowman especially during those gloomy days of indoor recess.
After we worked in our Weather Notebooks and recorded and graphed the weather we had a few minutes to make a snowman of our own. And the best part is that this took no time at all to prep and prepare. I was able to order these lanterns on Amazon which is my favorite online shopping store for any busy teacher. I shop, click and they deliver. I swear it could not be easier. I was able to cut most of the pieces for the eyes, nose and mouth out of construction paper scraps I had on hand.
The kids finished their work and went over to a back table and put it together independently. Even with precut pieces you could see different personalities emerge when the snowmen were finished.
With these hanging around from the ceiling it kind of made us fell like it was snowing even if it wasn't!


  1. What size are your lanterns ? 10 inch, 12inch

    1. I think they were 10. I bought the smallest I could find on Amazon!

  2. Wonderful post! My kids just love to make snowman. In their Phoenix pre-k their teacher also taught them how to make a snowman using lanterns. The method you used is quite different from that. But it is looking really nice. I loved reading this article!



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