Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Science Snack!

Happy Thanksgiving Science Friends,
As we begin to talk about living and non living things and learn that living things have basic needs we just could not resist somehow connecting this to our discussions about Thanksgiving. I saw an idea about this last year and decided to modify it a little to meet the nutritional guidelines for where I teach. As we have learned about the story of the first Thanksgiving one of the parts that seems to generate a lot of discussion and interest is the part where the Pilgrims have difficulty planting and growing things on the new land. And my class this year seemed to focus on how the Indians were problem solvers and taught the Pilgrims how to successfully plant corn. The addition of the fish when planting corn or as my class called the corn, "the golden seeds" has sparked a lot of rich discussion.
To make our Thanksgiving Snack we used Sugar Free pudding cups for the soil, Corn Pop cereal for the "golden seeds" or rather the corn and S'more Goldfish flavored crackers for the fish. We discussed Living Things and Basic Needs before we had our snack and as we made the snack we retold that part of the Thanksgiving story. We planted the seeds and buried the fish before we ate it!
And as you can see some of us were super excited to participate!

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