Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living and Nonliving!

Hey Science Friends,
We were all so excited to have a visit from Mr. V from Real School Gardens.
We are always excited to get out and investigate, discover and explore. So we went on a nature hunt and looked for living and nonliving things.
After we had our nature hunt we were able to go inside and discuss what we discovered.
We created a T chart to sort our objects.
We sorted our objects into categories of Nonliving and Living. And we had some rich discussions about what was considered Living and Nonliving and even objects that were once living..
We counted our objects and then we began notebooking about our investigation.
We discussed how we would represent our data and we decided that grouping objects to represent a larger number helped us a lot.
 And we even applied some previously learned strategies as we were trying to represent our data accurately!  
Thank you Mr. V and Real School Gardens! It was a wonderful day to get out and investigate, discover and explore!

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