Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Five Senses!

Hello Science Friends,
I really never intended for it to take so long for me to post at the beginning of the year. I have been super busy and I have had my share of technology issues. I wanted to stop by and thank you for hanging in there with me. I am excited about getting back into the regular routine and talking about Science! We are just about to gear up for a unit on My Five Senses. I think this unit is one of my favorites. In my stores this has been my most popular item so I guess everyone loves My five Senses too!
As I was preparing for Science this year I was thinking about the My Five Senses unit and I still had a few items on my own wish list for this unit. I finally decided to create the items that I was always on the hunt for. I have updated this file to include these new items:
I Can Be A Scientist Teacher Big Book Color Version
I Can Be A Super Scientist Notebook/Journal Cover and Inserts
Roll A Sense Game
My Five Senses Song/Poem
I Can Be A Scientist Labeled Poster Boy/Girl
Label the Super Scientist Boy/Girl Blacklines
My Five Senses Blackline Reader
These were just a few of the things I wished I had in the past. I am super excited about the edition of the small blackline books that will just be perfect for book boxes or Science folders. I am also excited about the I Can Be A Scientist Colored Teacher Big Book that I am going to use when talking about each sense and I will add a copy to our library. And I am jumping for joy over the I Can Be A Super Scientist Notebook/Journal Cover and Inserts that is literally a click, print and staple away from a My Five Senses Notebook or Journal for each child in your Science Class.
And I am excited to get investigating with the Investigation Mats that were already included in the original download. I am getting excited to see some budding young Scientists this year. I would love to include more so if you have an idea that I can include I hope you email me and let me know. But make sure that if you purchased this from TeacherspayTeachers that you look for your notification to redownload the new copy so you get all the new stuff because you will just squeal when you see the graphics for these!
And usually when we are working on something in class it is the children who usually spark me to add something new to each unit. If I add something I will send you notification through the store and I will post it here. I have had so many emails about Science with young children. I am excited to be able to share that with you here this year!

If you purchased this item from Teachers Notebook I will notify you of the update...I am unable to update that file right now and I have emailed them for help! I appreciate your understanding!

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