Friday, July 18, 2014

It's A Deal!

Hey Science Friends,
I know it is silly but I still love school supply shopping. Let's be honest, a good school supply deal actually only comes around once a year and it is hard for a teacher not to get excited. And I sure love a sneak a peak add to help me plan for my trip and get all organized so I can get my game face on and hit the stores! This coming week Office Max has poly snap envelopes on sale for a quarter each. I have to admit I got a little excited about this deal. Friends, think of the possibilities! These are way better than baggies to store stuff in. Think of the games and pieces that can go in these little gems and a snap to keep it all together. And what about the color coding possibilities too? It makes me want to go and grab these up right now. The Office Max says that there is a limit of three. But I have always had 100% luck with showing my badge and getting 25 for the same price. I have even called ahead and talked to the manager before my shopping trip just to make sure I was not disappointed when I got there. Honestly to me these are worth the effort. I have no idea why I never thought of these before. I guess putting them in a B2S add helped to get my mind going in the right direction. What ideas do you have for them? 


  1. I wonder if they'll send them to me and how many they would send? Our Office Max closed....booo! Thanks for the great share Laral!

    Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business

    1. I have no clue! I will ask my Office Max on Sunday. What would you do with yours?

    2. Do you have an Office Depot? They are now owned by the same people.

  2. Love these! I usually pay $1.25 each at Target for these. I use them as weekly homework packets. I send them home once a week and put the students' sight word rings (or other skills) in them along with little books to read at home. They return them once a week to be changed out and new things sent home.



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