Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Inspired By Nature!

Hey Science Friends,
The other day we were outside and noticed on our playground that we had a beautiful blooming bush. Considering that our school in under construction this was a welcome sight each time we went outside. In science we had been previously talking about plants so we naturally wanted to create something after our observations and discussion. This was pretty simple and very child driven but the end results are always simply amazing...
In the first picture the children drew plants and plant parts on their paper. Afterwards, they independently used watercolor paint to paint in the entire picture. We all love projects like this because anything goes. No matter the color or painting technique it always comes out beautiful. This is one of those projects that is open ended and child directed. All I am really looking for are the plant parts and a little conversation about what the child knows about plants.
The painting of this project has taken several days but it does not bother us a bit. This is something to really look forward to do when all other work is done in a quiet area of the room. Who am I kidding? Is there really a quiet area with 22 kids? Between each session these dry pretty quickly on a small drying rack just waiting for more paint.
Our favorite part is adding the oil pastel in black to outline the drawings. This step really makes the drawing defined and the painting come alive. The child uses his or her finger to smear or smudge the lines. It is always interesting to see who smears or smudges. You can clearly see the personality in each painted picture.
Zaniaria wanted very thick and smudgy lines that she smeared deep into the painting. It looks like her work. And she sure had to remind me that she had true artist nails! As soon as our paintings are finished we will post them here!

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