Friday, April 5, 2013

Puddles Galore!

Hey Science Friends,
It has been a wet week that is for sure! By Friday we were all sick of the rain and being indoors all day! Considering we were knee deep in our pond/frog investigations the abundant rain gave us a good excuse to investigate another water sample...puddle water. Puddle water is indeed a natural source of water and it sure was different from our other water samples! We discovered that our puddle water was very cloudy and it had tiny white moving things in it!
Since this was not a planned investigation and inspired from the rain we had all week we had a little extra time inside to investigate this water. We used the recording sheet above and I used white out to cover over the words so the children could label it themselves. Grab your copy of this freebie and more by clicking the image above. Set this investigation aside for that next rainy day!
Grab this book, the recording page and investigation tools and you are well on your way to investigating a natural source of water!
And we are busy collecting items to add to our water table for some great rainy day fun. These are our favorites by far...
Have fun investigating!


  1. Hi! I love your freebie!! What a fun idea, I have to get that book!

    Science for Kids Blog

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