Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Look At Landforms!

Hey Science Friends,
We have been super busy as we get closer and closer to Spring Break it seems we are moving at a fast pace... We have almost finished our unit on rocks but it is hard to stop because we keep getting more and more interesting rocks to explore. In Social Studies things are heating up as we begin to learn about landforms. And although landforms are covered under our Social Studies objectives, there is a natural connection to Science within these objectives. And with any topic we are always on the hunt for books to go along with what we are talking about. And sometimes that is such a challenge. Although I am still working on book resources, I wanted to share what I have found so far. I usually pair non fiction and fiction books when possible but sometimes age appropriate non fiction books are hard to find. So when that becomes an issue we use Pebble Go to fill in the gap.

We are going to learn more about four different landforms including the desert, mountains, prairie and forest. Some of our objectives covered are to identify the physical characteristics of places such as landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, and weather. As you can see Pebble Go will play a vital role in helping us cover these objectives.
By far this is my favorite new book find. I promise, this is worth every penny. Forest Bright Forest Night is like getting two books in one! You can learn about the forest in the day and the forest at night by flipping the book over. I just love it. Also, each page has a hidden number and animals to match each number. Additionally the pictures show what happens from day to night in the forest and what each animal does according to the time of day.
I can't wait for this one to arrive. I bought it because every single book I have from Dawn Publications is wonderful... This book is similar to Over in the Meadow, so I was sold on it with that description. Also, there is some great counting fun here too. Within this book there are some great opportunities for some ELPS strategies through gestures and movements for each animal.
Oh my! Moving into our discussion of mountain landforms! I have searched high and low for books on this landform that was age appropriate. Lucky me, I have a librarian that is like a fairy godmother. Into the Outdoors is our favorite pick for mountains BUT we are still on the search for more books on this landform. What I love most about this are the pictures and the fact that this book gives you a great opportunity to review positional vocabulary! I swear, your gonna love it too!
As we move our discussions to the desert we are looking forward to reading this book. This one is also a similar format to Over in the Meadow with rhyming text and counting to ten. What is not to love here? So much integration and so little time. We are going to pair Way Out In The Desert with Welcome to the Sea of Sand.
And finally, we move on to look at prairie landforms. A Day on the Prairie is our top pick because it is written by KIDS! What a great book written by third grade students at KILDEER COUNTRYSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!
If you are looking for activities for Texas landforms you can find that here!
Have fun exploring and investigating!

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