Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back To School Bonanza!

What is it? A campaign to giveaway $10,000 in Teachers Notebook Gift Certificates to educators so they can get the educational resources they need!
How do we do it? We are raising contributions from corporate sponsors and parents between July 28th and Aug. 8th. Starting on August 9th we will run a sweepstakes each day giving away up to $5,000 worth of $25 Gift Certificates until all the contributions have been distributed! Make sure you come back here to enter.
How will it help you! In order to help make this campaign be more successful, we need to share stories of how the gift certificates will help educators. Please tell us how it will help you to receive a gift certificate.

How do you help? We need your help to spread the word! Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors, everyone you can!. The more people that view the campaign, the more contributions are made and the more Gift Certificates can be given away!

Teachers Notebook is covering all of the administrative costs for this campaign so that every dollar contributed will go towards a Gift Certificate.
Just in case you forgot, Teachers Notebook takes no percentage of any sale. 100% of every purchase from a teacher shop goes directly to the teacher who created the item!

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