Friday, June 8, 2012

Books for Science!

Hey Science Friends,
I have been having some kind of fun working on Science curriculum. If you are in my local district you should think about signing up for Weather Camp in August because something tells me that it is going to be good and lots of stuff for your classroom that will shape your year. Because I was thinking about all this Science fun, I wanted to share this with you. As I was blogging this morning I saw something posted on Kreative in Kinder about the Kohl's books that were on sale. I had to check it out because the books and animals are now on sale for $2.50. The best part is that they have a great tie in to some of the Science content most of us teach. With such low prices on the books, shipping doesn't seem so bad at all.

Is it an insect or not?

Animals and offspring!

My Five Senses!

And this one is my favorite because it goes along with my other favorite!

Eve Bunting explains, a true story inspired this Ducky survival tale: in 1992, a crate of 29,000 bath toys washed overboard from a Hong Kong cargo ship, and hundreds of the toys have since turned up on beaches, primarily in Alaska. These two books could be used when talking about water as a natural resource and pollution!

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