Friday, May 25, 2012

End of the Year Memories!

Hello Science Friends,
We have been busy this week working on our Memory Books. It's been nice to have the time to work on this between all of the end of the year events. I was able to introduce each page and talk to the kids about what we would be writing about. I was surprised to discover that in an entire year my class liked Science the most. It was a great discussion when we got to the page about our favorite Science experiment. As we brainstormed and discussed which Science experiment would be considered our favorite. we quickly learned that it was hard to narrow it down to just one. We decided to each write about something different so that when we shared our writing we could all remember the Science fun we have all had.

I knew rocks would be at the top of the list. We had a lot of fun investigating rocks this year. Earlier in the week the children asked me to copy some more rock investigation pages and I was happy that they were asking for investigation recording pages as they discovered new rocks. As I came to work today, someone (thanks Mrs. G) brought me a package of these to go with our investigation recording pages. I was walking by and we were talking and I put the rocks on my desk. When I finally sat down and actually read the package it finally hit me that these were CHOCOLATE rocks! The best part is that they look completely real, no kidding. I guess our last rock investigation might just be the best! If you want to try and find some chocolate rocks head to your local Wal Mart.

Another favorite investigation was what we call The Cave of Darkness. We did actually make complete darkness. We learned how to work through inestigation steps together. This was very early in the year but it made a lasting impression. It was one of my favorites too! We even got out our Science Notebooks and looked to see what we had recorded.
It makes me sad that Sience and Kindergarten will soon be ending. We have had fun and we have learned a lot. I guess it is time to start looking ahead and brainstorming some new investigations!

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