Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Day With Mrs. Parker!

Hello, Friends! This is Mrs. Parker from 

Today,  I would like to share with you an Earth Day craft that is great for all ages. 

What I love about this project is that it can be completed in little time with little prep. You can find the directions for this craft here.

Here is my bulletin board display from last year.  Do you see that recycling can in the center?  My first grade student made it using recycled materials found in our room.  How creative is that!  

I created this Earth Day Pledge exclusively for Little Miss Kindergarten's Followers as a thank you to Mrs. Coe for inviting me to be a guest on her blog.   I hope you like it.  If you do, you can Follow me at

Learning with Mrs Parker


  1. I love the coffee filter idea! I do that every year for Earth Day. It also makes great feathers for a turkey at Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing the pledge paper, too!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. The coffee filter idea is great. Thanks!



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